Host a Cornell undergrad at work for a day

Please find details attached regarding Cornell’s Externship Programs during the winter break. These visits take place for one day, or longer, January 2-19, 2013. This program’s reach extends worldwide and hosts are welcome anywhere Cornell students can be found. Some areas where there are more students than hosts, and where the university would like to identify more alumni and friends of the university to participate, include:


Geographic locations still need sponsors (almost any field):


          Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle




          International, particularly Pacific Rim (China, Korea, Singapore, Japan, etc.)




Fields in great demand/always need more sponsors:




          medicine and public health


          engineering (all different fields)

          international affairs/diplomacy or policy, corporate law advertising, public relations, fashion/ merchandising, and fashion magazines

          TV reporting or producing (esp. in NYC)

          publishing, magazine/other journalism


          medical research or pharmaceutical

          nutrition (dietetics)


Fields in which we typically can’t fill all sponsors:

          education/teaching/education administration

          veterinary (except in NYC or other big cities)

          natural resources (sometimes, depends on the location)


If you know anyone who might be interested in this opportunity, please encourage them to participate! If you have any questions, let me know and I will track down an answer or direct you to the best place to find one.  The contact for this program is Nancy Law and her email address is

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