Cornell 2013 New Student Reading Project

And the book all new students will be reading is…

When the Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka

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2 thoughts on “Cornell 2013 New Student Reading Project

  1. Linda Walz Riggi

    While I thought “When the Emperor was Divine” was an interesting look at a sad part of our history, I di not think it was as challenging as other book that have been assigned over the years.

  2. Jill Nagy

    It was a very moving story, beautifully written. The stoicism of the characters was extraordinary.
    The whole idea of racial profiling strongly resonates.
    However, I agree with Linda that the book lacks depth and, once you have said that it was a terrible thing for us to have done, what more is there to say?
    In the discussion questions, I found the suggestion of a comparison to the Holocaust offensive. Not every incident of ethnically-based persecution is a Holocaust, just as not every poor and somewhat isolated neighborhood is a ghetto. But, then, the suggested discussion questions are, more often than not, inane.


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