June 25 Annual Meeting a “Rotten” Time

“Rotten” in the sense that Prof. Helene Dillard wowed the crowd with a whole lot of diseased foodstuffs. Moldy cabbage, dead basil, grey mold. You name it, there wasn’t a  plant pathogen we didn’t get a chance to learn about and see up close.

Many thanks to Indian Ladder Farms and Pete Ten Eyck and his crew for hosting and feeding us. Many thanks as well to Harmony House Marketplace of Cohoes for providing an educational wine tasting of New York State wines. And very special thanks to Prof. Dillard, who made the trek to be with us and share her knowledge and passion for plant pathology. More than one attendee is rethinking their career choice after listening to Prof. Dillard’s impassioned talk!

The rain even broke before the event, so who really could have asked for more?

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