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Cornell University Chorus is coming to Albany | March 15

The Cornell University Chorus is taking on the Northeast during Spring Break! As part of their annual tour, they will be stopping in Albany for a concert on Friday March 15th!

Commemorate your alma mater with traditional Cornell Songs, commissioned works, and a wide range of repertoire from many eras and cultures.

This year is a very special time for the Chorus, with John Rowehl’s last semester conducting the Chorus, the upcoming arrival of their new director Robert Isaacs, and the kickoff of their endowment drive, this tour is guaranteed to be a wonderful and exciting celebration of Cornell’s past, present, and future!

Date: Friday March 15, 2013

Concert Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 125 Eagle Street, Albany NY 12202, the Madison Avenue/NYS Museum Landmark

Cost: $10 Adult/ $5 Student.
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Event Contact: Olivia Gustafson ’14 and Sara Birmingham ’15, Chorus Tour Managers, tour@chorus.cornell.edu

Host Chorus Members. It is a tradition of the Chorus to stay at the homes of friends and alumni on tour. If you are interested in hosting two or more Chorus women on the night of the 15th, please email tour@chorus.cornell.edu with your address, phone number, and how many women you can host. The host will be responsible for picking up the girls from the concert, feeding them breakfast in the morning, and bringing them back to the Cathedral at 8:00 am.